Fulcra Credit Opportunities Fund

Investment Objectives & Strategy

The Fulcra Credit Opportunities Fund seeks to generate consistent absolute returns through investing in bonds, loans and other fixed income securities but may hold equity and other equity-like securities. The Fund’s investment objective is to generate income and long-term capital appreciation.

In seeking to achieve the Fulcra Credit Opportunities Fund’s investment objective, Fulcra Asset Management employs a fundamental value investing approach to identify mispriced corporate securities. Fulcra Asset Management believes that many corporate securities are priced inefficiently, and attempts to identify and exploit these inaccuracies using internal analyses.

The Fulcra Credit Opportunities Fund portfolio is comprised of investment grade and high yield credit securities, including corporate bonds, convertible debentures and loans. The Fund may also hold equities, warrants, options and short positions. The Fund performance is reported in Canadian Dollars after all expenses and fees. The Fund employs no leverage.


As of April 30, 2018

Fund Class1 Mth3 MthYTD1 Year3 Year5 YearSince
Class B0.24%-0.11%0.84%4.98%10.68%7.41%8.29%